Leaving Home

Leaving Home consists of a series of copper plates, intaglio prints and a community participatory component which explore the emotional and physical effects of displacement using electro-etching, probing what you physically carry when leaving home and the emotional and spiritual baggage you bring with you in your body.  Read full artist statement…
01_KC_suitcase 02_KC_electroetchpresurpoints 04_KC_copperplatepinksweater 05_KC_pinksweater 06_KC_copperplatepinksweater2gether 07_KC_pinksweater2gether 08_KC_copperplates_underthings 09_KC_Underthings 10_KC_Dresswithhearts 11_KC_Redsweater rag 12_KC_Redsweaterjapanesepaper 13_KC_Textoncopperjpg 14_KC_printoftext